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Let our friends words speak volumes.

"I am fascinated by the teachings and concepts you give to us each day we train, which is helping me to understand the drill and break out of it and start to understand and realize the dynamics of Sina Tirsia Wali."

"Sina Tirsia Wali taught by Mas Guru Ocampo in the FIST program is one of the most comprehensive and holistic Kali training programs that I've had the pleasure to experience. Mas Guru is a particularly skilled and patient instructor able to effectively convey the skills and techniques of the system in a non-threatening nor intimidating manner to all age groups" 

"I have been training with Guru Ocampo for 6 months. I have been very impressed with his skill and knowledge of FMA,and his ability to pass this knowledge on to his students.I have trained at other schools and have taken seminars with some of the top teachers in FMA and I can honestly say his skill with the stick is among the best I have seen."

It was a great happening to me when I first met Mas Guru Greg Alland and Mas Guru Dennis Ocampo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2007 and 2008. The Sina Tirsia Wali system of Kali should be taught as a compliment to every martial art or self-defense school curriculum as a way to protect yourself, your family, and your fellow friends. To learn the Filipino Martial Arts from Mas Guru Ocampo will surely change the way you train and defend yourself from any blade, stick, or emptyhand attack as well as enhance your physical and spiritual condition. Mabuhay!

I have known Mas Guru Dennis since 1994 and he has been my martial arts instructor since then. During my time in the martial arts, I was briefly introduced to the Filipino Martial Arts. As time went on, I was introduced to the system of Sina Tirsia Wali by Mas Guru Dennis Ocampo and Mas Guru Greg Alland. Under their instruction, I have learned valuable lessons in this system. Not just in knowing how to protect and attack, but survival in everyday life. The system of Sina Tirsia Wali not only encompasses mind, body and spirit, but survival as well. This is shown in Mas Guru Dennis’s teachings in spreading the knowledge of Sina Tirisia Wali to his students. No matter the outcome in life, as long as you live to survive the next day.

"I began training within the system of Sina Tirsia Wali back in the summer 2006. I had previously come from a background of other Chinese martial arts and Filipino martial arts. (JKD/Inosanto Kali and Modern Arnis) Most of these Filipino styles emphasized striking technique and patterned drill work from a static position. On occasion, focus was given to the basic 'triangle footwork' but was rarely touched on and wasn't incorporated with striking technique.

     The styles of Modern Arnis (from my limited experience) focused mostly on striking/hitting and blocking. While Inosanto Kali showed me more of a dynamic flow and connection of patterned striking, again I was at a loss with my foundation of moment and how to incorporate movement with my striking.

      When I first started with Guro Ocampo, I was immediately introduced to movement and how imperative it was to 'move' as opposed to striking. Ultimately it did me no good to focus on striking my opponent if I could not minimize myself as a target, which included moving offline and minimizing targets on my body (lateral positioning and horizontal plane). Once I had a grasp on how that was done, then I was prepared to be introduced to the body mechanics of how to strike by coordinating my entire body in unison.

       I must admit that this entire process of coordinating these elements did not come easy or quickly (still working on them to this day!) However, I have visited and trained with other styles and schools since my inception to the Sina Tirsia Wali system and I can definitely see some of the elements that I needed to improve upon when I was with those other styles.

"Training one-on-one with Mas Guru Greg Alland, and Mas Guru Dennis Ocampo was a remarkable and worthwhile training experience. As a 21 year veteran Law Enforcement defense tactics instructor, I have been exposed to a variety of martial arts. I was consistently drawn to the Filipino martial arts. I researched for several years to find a system, and the instructors who, in my opinion, had the purest lineage to the original art and its founding fathers. I found Mas Guru Alland, and Mas Guru Ocampo to be the most humble, patient and giving men I have ever met. I appreciated Mas Guru Ocampo’s attention to detail and perfection of the skills, and Mas Guru Alland’s passion to preserve and to perpetuate the Filipino culture and the art of Kali Silat. As I begin my training in Sina Tirsia Wali, I am very satisfied of the system and the Mas Gurus I have chosen as my instructors."

I have always been interested in the Filipino Martial Arts. When I finally had the opportunity to get involved in Sina Tirsia Wali, I jumped at the chance to learn the art and become efficient at self defense. Although, I have only been training with Guru Ocampo for a few months, like the other students in the program, I am fascinated with the techniques and concepts I have learned thus far. The program has provided more self confidence in defending myself, and provides me the opportunity to challenge my abilities everyday.

I was introduced to Filipino Martial Arts when I started working out with friend one summer day in 2007. At first I trained to add to my Wing Chun. Later that year I attended a Dan Inosanto seminar in Pennsylvania. My eyes were opened to a world of Filipino culture I have not appreciated before. The following weekend I started training with Mas Guru Greg Alland in Chinatown. That day I learned that all the Wing Chun training I had done before was great but was missing the ability to protect myself against the blade. I also learned to “try everything once” like chicken feet. Since that day I have strived to learn the “art and science of human life” with much enthusiasm and drive. Each day I perfect the ability to protect myself, strike with the proper mechanics, and outthink opponents. I see my growth and confidence with the material from the teachings of Mas Guru Alland and Ocampo in the Sina Tirsia Wali system.     

I cannot thank Mas Gurus Alland and Ocampo for teaching me a part of my culture I have neglected to appreciate before. I catch myself thinking about the strikes, counters, and positions of my body and hands. I’m hooked and have found something I truly love. Thank you to you both for the opportunity to learn and grow. “I train so I can go home.”  

I would like to say thank you. I have been in the martial arts for 40 years and thought that I had seen it all. I have studied various martial arts including the Filipino Martial Arts Systems. Let me be the first to say that the three days that I spent with you have totally opened my eyes to what I had been missing. Your knowledge, skill, and professionalism truly elevate you above your contemporaries. Just like every great athlete, can’t coach, every martial artist can’t teach. Your delivery, patience, and professionalism were awesome. I am still trying to figure out how a person of your stature can deliver such power. I am glad that Mas Guru Alland chose you as his successor. He could not have picked a better person. I look forward to getting together with you again in the near future. You made May 29, 30, and 31 truly a Memorial Day to remember. I would also like to give kudos to your student Max that traveled with you. Without his help, I could have not made it through all 3 days. What ever you guys are doing, keep right on doing it. Believe me it works. I heard that practice makes perfect. Wrong! Perfect practice makes perfect. Once again thanks from the bottom of my heart. It is very rare to find a teacher, mentor, and friend in one person. I’m grateful that you are all above.

Respectfully yours,

The training was a great experience. The material covered was very important and needed by all those who practice the art of Sina Tirsia Wali. To practice any martial art one must be in condition and have and open mind.The training that you put us through can only help us achieve that goal. We must always remember to evade the blade. Thank you for everything Mas Guro Dennis your student 

Mas.Guru Dennis, 

I humbly present the finest individuals I am privileged to call both my friends and the best students any Teacher could pray for. Though they are not perfect, they are the perfect students. They have learned the merits, definition and requirements of Adat Hormat. Mas.Guru Dennis, I can vouch for these immensely dedicated, loving and committed men and women with the utmost confidence that they will always make me proud of their conduct, manners and humble countenance. I can stake my Word as Mas.Guru and in confidence to say that they will be nothing short of exemplary students and practitioners. Worthy of your trust and confidence. 


Working under Dennis Ocampo within the Sina Tirsia Wali Kali system is a blessing. I was introduced to the system and its founder, Mas Guru Greg Allandby my Sensei. Denis' mastery of the system is evident through his effective teaching of it. His instruction is clear and simple, yet humble and never condescending. I'm sure he is a most excellent elementary school teacher as well.

The system itself is uncomplicated, yet innovative and ultra effective. Biomechanically, it makes good sense. It requires a fluidity of movement which is certain to enliven one's Chi and strengthen the body and Shen. Learning the system also entails considerations of Filipino [and Southeast Asian] history and culture which cannot be overlooked.

My training within the Sina Tirsia Wali Kali system has been an enlightening, enlivening, experience. 

Many thanks for such an enjoyable weekend! Especially for reintroducing to me the foot work, body mechanics and striking. I am still sore and my mind is still thinking about the material. Personally, however, since you've been coming to New York, there are two things I find most impressive, and they were clearly evident this past weekend: You gave freely and had a strong desire that every single student should learn, partly shown by the personal attention you gave to every single one. We are lucky to have you and look forward to seeing you next time.

There are no such things as coincidences in life. I know that now after training with both Mas Guru Greg Alland and Mas Guru Dennis Ocampo. After accidentally taking a side street I normally don't take I stumbled across something I had never seen before. A form of combat that was both effective and necessary. After inquiring about this art I enrolled the next day. From that day on not only did I learn how to move, think, and feel; I also learned that I am capable of much more than I ever thought possible. Life after that has never been the same. I now walk with great confidence and no fear of what may happen. For that I am forever grateful to my Mas Guru's. And as I mentioned, there are no such things as coincidences, only the inevitable. And after training in SinaTirsiaWali Kali becoming more than you ever thought possible is inevitable. (9/09)

When I sought out KaliSilat after viewing MasGuru Greg Alland in an old single stick form video on the internet many years ago, it was simply to hone and sharpen my rusty stick fighting skills. When I heard he was living and training in New York, I was delighted to finally meet and train with him. Although I would have to leave my house at 6 AM and travel 95 miles each way from Pennsylvania for classes, I did not hesitate at the opportunity. Needless to say, the long trip was well worth it. What I ended up finding was much more than a refresher course. What I discovered was an art, a way, a system of techniques that have been fine tuned after years of application and experimentation with trial, error and common sense. Indeed, the system continues to evolve. KaliSilat gracefully combines traditional Filipino style with modern functionality. What I also found was inspiration and a dedication to excellence. MasGurus Greg Alland and Dennis Ocampo are not only great teachers but great men. Their tremendous experience accrued from diligent daily training regimens that have paid exceptional dividends: decades of acquired combat knowledge. You won't find better authorities on application of techniques or more humble gentlemen, a combination rare in martial arts today. Their commitment to training, evolution and perfection is contagious, even infectious. By their deeds and actions they exemplify the meaning of the moniker "role model," a title often improperly applied to athletes in today's world. Now into his 60's, MasGuru Alland continues to work out vigorously each day and shares his art with youthful vitality and enthusiasm. MasGuru Ocampo travels to New York monthly for his students there, a testament to his loyalty and sacrifice for the sake of others. Their humility and devotion to their students positively reflects their respective unique and refreshing characters. I highly recommend them to anyone who seeks not only martial arts training but also positive motivation and personal encouragement. If that wasn't enough, I've also made many close friends during my relatively short time practicing Sina Tirsia Wali/KaliSilat. You won't encounter a more enthusiastic, supportive, friendly and cohesive group of martial artists anywhere. What are you waiting for? Come see what it's all about…TODAY!

Hi! My name is Marc. I have been studying martial arts for many years. I started when I was 4 and on and off through the years I took many different systems on and off throughout the years and finally dived full on into martial arts in high school. Through out college I was lucky enough to find very good teachers who taught me amazing, rare and effective systems. I moved to New York to learn Chinese Medicine and one of my teachers noticed I liked martial arts and told me about a class she was part of in chinatown for filipino stick and knife fighting. So I came down to check it out and was hooked. I find the system that is taught there, SinaTirsiWali Kali, to be exceptional. It allows me to move freely with other people while still maintaining the combat aspect. Many martial arts I have studied often lose the combat aspect to more rhythmic dances which they pose between opponents. SinaTirsiaWali is a system which easily moves in rhythm while not losing its ability to fight and ward off opponents effectively. In fact it's effectiveness increases and combat applications become more applicable in areas that other systems tend to fall apart in. The realism it offers is a nice wake up call to many martial artists who have fallen into the rut of staged combat or "organized dispair". Mas Guru Dennis Ocampo often comes to teach our class. With his vast knowledge and experience of SinaTirsiaWali, he easily breaks down fundamentals so that they can easily be applied whether it is your first time using sticks or you have done it before. His techniques and ques help a person to excel in a realistic manner to deal with actual encounters with bladed weapons or blunt objects. He makes it fun too. You can see yourself improving by just listening to a single tip or two which he gives you as he watches you preform single and partner drills. Today I practice everyday and am glad that I have had the oppurtunity to learn SinaTirsiaWali Kali from Mas Guru Dennis Ocampo (10/09)

"I have been training for a few months with Mas Guru Dennis, and I am impressed with his skills and patience to teach this art. He is able to simplify a martial art that in it self is complex. I am glad to have met such a gifted teacher, for his attention and dedicated spirit to his students. When I am practicing with him I feel motivated to continue learning this magnificent martial art. Thank you Guru Dennis Ocampo." 

Chirel and I really enjoyed the SinaTirsiaWali Kali training you gave us here in Dallas, Texas! I have trained with many different systems around the world and I can tell you SinaTirsiaWali stands alone. The training was a real eye opener and we are both looking forward in deepening our skills with this system. I started my training with Mas Guru Greg Allen and the system of SinaTirsiaWali and It’s a good feeling to be back where I have started!! I feel like I’m back where I belong. Thanks Master Dennis for opening my eyes and allowing me the honor of working with you! 

When I started the F.I.S.T. program, because of my past experience with boxing, I assumed that I would be eased into it by being taught footwork only. I realized that I was wrong when they put a stick in my hand almost immediately. I couldn’t help but be fascinated when parts of the philosophy and purpose of their Kali system were explained to me. Also, the workout is intense. Mas Guru Dennis Ocampo combines his abilities to beat me down, while keeping me motivated, and explaining the purpose and application of each exercise making for a unique experience that I feel privileged to have. 

Since being introduced to Sina Tirsia Wali and Filipino martial arts by Guru Dennis, my training in martial arts and self defense have been elevated to a higher level. The skills, tactics, and visceral practicality of STW have added a whole new dimension to my development as a martial arts practitioner and instructor. Guru Dennis’ deep skills and knowledge of the Filipino martial arts are only exceeded by his exceptional teaching abilities. I look forward to training and learning even more from him in the future.      

"I had the distinct pleasure, along with several of my staff and senior students, to partake in Guru Dennis' SinaTirsiaWali Kali seminar on May 8, 2010. I have to say, it was training experience that does not come along too often. I have been involved with the Martial Arts since 1996. I first got expose to the Martial Arts, at the ripe old of 37 years studying Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu (KKS) [Chinese Kenpo]. That's where I met Guru Dennis; and my first impression of him was "WOW ...!!", this guy has a lot of drive, dedication, and passion in his love for the Art. During our May 8 session, he provided us with a "work out" that not only reminded me that I needed to get back in shape, but more importantly, that this "old dog" still has a lot to learn. Kali is one of the weapons art that has fascinated me to take up; especially with its "evasive" techniques and tactics. Although we only spent a few hours going through conditioning, "baston" familiarization, and eventually, incorporating foot-work, stance, and "parrying" drills, it was time well spent. I am already looking forward to attending additional seminars, along with future specialize training with Guru. Many thanks Guru & Clayton for hosting the workshop. You guys are TOP NOTCH!  Warmest Regards.

Thank you so much for having the workshop. I had such a great time. I am exited to train with you again, to have the opportunity to learn more about the Filipino Indonesian Arts. It really seems to compliment the Kenpo training I have, adding even more to my arsenal. Also, thank you for sending me the other information, as I find out about future seminars I will definitely be there! I am always looking for new ways to train and add or improve the skills I have.

I had a unique training experience 8/7 and 8/8 with Guros Ocampo and Alland. I have a firmer grasp of the Filipino martial arts and SinaTirsiaWali Kali in particular as a result of the training and the seminar. Guru Ocampo has a very effective way of transferring his knowledge of the arts. Also his intensity and work ethic is exemplary. I particularly liked the emphasis on describing the differnces between Filipino boxing and western boxing.. Also the emphasis on training with empty hands as if you have knives or kali sticks in hand is very effective. The level of instruction from both Guru Ocampo and Guru Alland was the highest and most effective that I have participated in ever.. I wil continue to train in this style as much as poosible with Randy Garcia and other friends. And will greatly enjoy the next time that Guru Ocampo comes to Miami to train us. Sincerely,

"I've tried many different fitness routines in my life. I can honestly say that the training in the FMA is by far the most demanding and challenging of all them. The STW classes that I have received from Mas Guru Greg Alland, Guru Dennis Ocampo and Randy Garcia have helped me immensely. The whole-person approach to exercise, engaging the body, mind and spirit in every one of their programs was exactly what I needed to be satisfied with my workouts." 


"Guru Dennis has a keen eye for detail and can identify the strengths and weaknesses in his students. He transfers knowledge with ease and caters material to each person's learning style, showing how each skill set fits within the bigger picture of Sina Tirsia Wali and Filipino martial arts. To that I can say he's an extremely dedicated and patient instructor, vested in the success of his students. I walked in with only an idea of what STW was and walked out with more—a better understanding, a zest to practice, and even a few blisters! You'll reach your goals and identify new ones if you train with Guru Dennis. I look forward to training with him again in the future! 

In introduction, let me repeat that after speaking with Tuhon Mas.Guru P. Greg Alland over the phone, it was made known to me that because of Mas.Guru Dennis' exceptional skills, teaching abilities, mastery of the Art and his passionate and dedicated commitment along with his love for teaching, became the Linage Holder and Senior Master Guru (he is a MenGuruan) of the SinaTirsiaWali system.

Please show your utmost considerations, respects and love as my personal request of you. It is with great honor, sacrifice, discipline, dedication, blood, sweat and tears that one earns, as Mas.Guru Dennis Ocampo has earned, the Linage, Rights and Blessings of an Art by its Founder and GrandMaster. It is to your advantage to always seek his council, instruction and guidance as you develop and grow in the Arts & Science of SinaTirsiaWali.

It is my honor and will, that we strive to live up to the highest standards of Adat Hormat. Remember that Humility comes before Honor.

I introduce you this day, with great anticipation and success for our Club, to the MenGuruan and Senior Master Guru Dennis Ocampo.